Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in the World in 2022

10. Michael B. Jordan

The actor received a solid $15 million paycheck.

9. Mark Wahlberg

According to recent news, Mark Wahlberg make a movie for $17 Million.

8. Brad Pitt

Brad consistently earns $20 million per movie

7. Chris Hemsworth

The actor received a solid $20 million paycheck.

6. Ryan Gosling

he got $ 20 million in one of his films, the notebook

5. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington makes a movie for $20 Million.h

4. Will Smith

Will Smith makes a movie for $20 Million to $30 Million.

3. Dwayne Johnson

according to Forbes, which reports that he earns more than $20 million per film.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio makes a movie for $30 Million.

1. Daniel Craig

He will be paid $100 million by Netflix, which has bought the rights to the sequel.


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