American singer Mary Millben invited as cultural ambassador for 15th August

The first American musician to perform as an invited cultural ambassador for the United States 

at a celebration honouring India's 75th anniversary of independence on August 15 is well-known singer and media personality Mary Millben.

Mary Millben, who recently arrived in India, writes on Instagram, "India has greeted me with such love and hospitality.

Firstly, may I say? wow! Such a lovely welcome. And sincerely appreciative.

African-American singer Millben, a cultural ambassador for the United States, gave a performance at the Indiaspora Global Forum 

to commemorate the nation's 75th anniversary of independence and the 10th anniversary of the Indiaspora.

She tweeted, "A joy to be with you @IndiasporaForum for this historic 10th Anniversary!

Honored to be the first American artist to represent the U.S. as an invited guest to the 75th Anniversary of India`s Independence."