Top 10 Most Beautiful and Tallest Chinese Actresses in 2022

tallest chinese actress Fan Bingbing

If you want to know who is the tallest Chinese actress so you are in the right place here we are providing the list of the top 10 most beautiful and tallest Chinese actresses in 2022.

As one of the most popular and influential cultures in the world, Chinese people have a lot to offer the world of entertainment.

From the ancient days of storytelling and opera to more recent incarnations like martial arts and comedy, Chinese culture has a lot to share with the world.

There are many beautiful actresses in china and every actress has a big fan following but in this article, we are talking about Chinese actress height.

we want to know who is the tallest actress in china so here we are providing the list of the top 10 most beautiful and tallest Chinese actresses in 2022.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Tallest Chinese Actresses

10. Li Bingbing (Height – 165 cm)

Li Bingbing tallest chinese actress

One of the Beautiful and tallest Chinese actress and singer Li Bingbing first gained notoriety for her performance in Seventeen Years.

Since then, she has won praise for her parts in A World Without Thieves, Waiting Alone, and numerous other films.

China’s Heilongjiang province is where Li Bingbing was born. She enrolled expressly at a high school for future teachers because she originally had no plans to become an actress.

She eventually agreed to enrol in the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1993 after discovering her love in performing after graduating.

More Details:

  • Born – 27 February 1973
  • Age – 49 years
  • Height – 1.65 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 559K

9. Zhang Ziyi (Height – 165 cm)

Zhang Ziyi

Chinese model and tallest chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. She is considered one of China’s Four Dan Actresses. Her breakout performance came in The Road Home.

Later, she became well-known throughout the world for her part in Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which received ten Academy Award nominations.

More Details:

  • Born – 9 February 1979
  • Age – 43 years
  • Height – 1.65 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 38.5K

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8. Fan Bingbing (Height – 168 cm)

tallest chinese actress Fan Bingbing

One of the Tallest Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing is from China. After consistently being in the top 10 since 2006,

she was included as the highest-paid celebrity on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list from 2013 to 2017. She was listed among the top 100 influential persons of 2017 by Time magazine.

More Details:

  • Born – 16 September 1981
  • Age – 41 years
  • Height – 1.68 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 3.8M

7. Gong Li (Height – 169 cm)

Gong Li one of the beautiful and tallest Chinese actress

Actress Gong Li is from China. Three of the four Chinese-language movies up for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film included her as the lead. Gong was raised in Jinan, Shandong, after being born in Shenyang, Liaoning.

More Details:

  • Born – 31 December 1965
  • Age – 56 years
  • Height – 1.69 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 24K

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6. Yu Shuxin (Height – 169 cm)

Yu Shuxin

Chinese actress and singer Yu Shuxin, commonly known as Esther Yu, is from that country.

She was formerly a member of THE9, the project girl group from Youth With You 2 on iQIYI.

Yu’s performances in the acclaimed television series Find Yourself, Moonlight, and Love Between Fairy and Devil have also garnered her praise.

More Details:

  • Born – 18 December 1995
  • Age – 26 years
  • Height – 1.69 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 1.2M

5. Liu Yifei (Height – 170 cm)

Liu Yifei beautiful Chinese actress

A Chinese-American actress, singer, and model by the stage name Liu Yifei is Crystal Liu.

She has repeatedly been on Forbes’ China Celebrity 100 list and was recognised in 2009 as one of China’s New Four Dan actresses. In China, she is often referred to as “Fairy Sister.”

More Details:

  • Born – 25 August 1988
  • Age – 24 years
  • Height – 1.70 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 813K

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4. Tiffany Tang (Height – 172 cm)

tallest chinese actress Tiffany Tang

Tiffany Tang, sometimes known as Tang Yan, is a singer and actress from China. In 2006, she received her diploma from the Central Academy of Drama.

For her screen debut in Farewell for Love, she was nominated for the Best Actress prize at the Shanghai Television Festival in 2007.

More Details:

  • Born – 6 December 1983
  • Age – 38 years
  • Height – 1.72 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 402K

3. Gulnazar (Height – 172 cm)


Tallest Chinese actress and model Gülnezer Bextiyar, popularly known as Gulinazha or just Nazha, is of Uyghur descent. She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2011.

Gulnazar was born in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China, on May 2, 1992. When she was younger, she studied dance at Xinjiang Arts University.

She entered a modelling competition when she was 16 years old, winning the “Most Photogenic” prize. In 2011, Gulnazar attended a Beijing Film Academy audition.

More Details:

  • Born – 2 May 1992
  • Age – 30 years
  • Height – 1.72 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 7.4K

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2. Qiao Xin (Height – 172 cm)

Qiao Xin tallest Chinese actress

Chinese actress Qiao Xin, commonly known as Bridgette Qiao, is a Central Academy of Drama alumna.

She is known for playing Guan Ju’er in the films Ode to Joy and Ode to Joy 2.Qiao made her acting debut in the 2012 season of the TV show Qi Jiu He Kai.

Qiao became well-known in 2015 thanks to her performance in the renowned historical wuxia drama Nirvana in Fire.

The next year, Qiao became well-known for her portrayal of Guan Ju’er in the urban drama Ode to Joy.

More Details:

  • Born – 23 November 1993
  • Age – 28 years
  • Height – 1.72 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 164K

1. Guan Xiaotong (Height – 172 cm)

Guan Xiaotong

Chinese singer and tallest Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong is of Manchu origin. She is well-known for her work in the television series To Be a Better Man as well as the films The Left Ear and Shadow.

Her family supported her early interest in the arts, and at the age of four, she made her acting debut in Nuan.

More Details:

  • Born – 17 September 1997
  • Age – 25 years
  • Height – 1.72 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 830K


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