The Top 10 Tallest Korean Actors in 2022

top 10 tallest korean actors

If you want to know about the tallest Korean Actors so here we are providing the list of the top 10 Tallest Korean Actors in 2022 so read this full article to know the further detail.

Korean actors are well-known for their powerful and emotive performances. They have been honing their craft for years, and their skills are evident in their work.

Some of the most well-known Korean actors include Cha Seung-won, Song Hye-Kyo, and Bae Yong-Joon. They are all household names in their home country, and their work has taken them around the world to star in some of the most popular films and television shows.

Korean actors are often praised for their ability to convey depth and emotion in their performances. They are known for their strong and distinctive voices, and their ability to convey.

But in this article, we are talking about Korean actors’ height we are providing the list of the top 10 tallest Korean actors in 2022.

The Top 10 Tallest Korean Actors

10. Kim Woo-bin

tallest Korean actor Kim Woo-bin

Tallest Korean actor and model Kim Woo-bin. He made his acting debut in the television drama White Christmas before starting out as a runway model.

After gaining notoriety with A Gentleman’s Dignity, he achieved success with School 2013 and The Heirs.

More Details:

  • Born – 16 July 1989
  • Age – 33 years
  • Height – 1.88 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 3.9M

9. Cha Seung-won

Cha Seung-won

One of the Tallest Korean actors Cha Seung-won started out in the 1990s as a popular fashion model. Cha rose to fame as a result of his roles in the successful comedies Kick the Moon, Jail Breakers, My Teacher, Mr. Kim, and Ghost House.

More Details:

  • Born – 7 June 1970
  • Age – 52 years
  • Height – 1.88 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 404K

8. Ju Ji-hoon

Ju Ji-hoon one of the tallest Korean actors

South Korean model and actor Ju Ji-hoon. In the popular show Princess Hours from 2006, he played his first major role. The Devil, Antique, Mask, Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds and its sequel,

The Spy Gone North, Dark Figure of Crime, Kingdom, and Jirisan are some of his other well-known works.

More Details:

  • Born – 16 May 1982
  • Age – 40 years
  • Height – 1.88 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 600K

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7. Ahn Bo-hyun

Ahn Bo-hyun

South Korean model-turned-actor Ahn Bo Hyun works for FN Entertainment. He participated in amateur boxing events and previously won a gold medal as a graduate of Busan Sports High School.

He has made appearances in a number of movies and television dramas since making his acting debut in 2014. Through Itaewon Class, Ahn found success and marked a turning point in his acting career (2020).

At the 8th APAN Star Awards, he received the Excellence Award, Actor in an OTT Drama for his work in Yumi’s Cells and My Name.

More Details:

  • Born – 16 May 1988
  • Age – 34 years
  • Height – 1.88 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 3.1M

6. Lee Tae-hwan

Lee Tae-hwan tallest korean actor

Lee Tae Hwan is a Tallest Korean actor, singer, and one of the five actors who make up the performing troupe 5urprise. All five actors started out as actors before branching out into singing.

He received his degree from Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Acting for Theatre, Film, and TV. With the other members of 5urprise, Lee made his acting debut in the mobile drama series “After School: Lucky or Not” in 2013 when he was 18 years old.

At the 2011 Sixth Asia Model Festival Awards, he was given the Rookie Model Award. At the end of March 2020, he parted ways with Fantagio and joined Man of Creation, a new agency (M.O.C).

More Details:

  • Born – 21 February 1995
  • Age – 27 years
  • Height – 1.88 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 743K

5. Koo Ja-sung

Koo Ja-sung

The Tallest Korean Actor and model Goo Ja Sung hails from South Korea. He began performing in 2007 and was born on September 22, 1992. Since his debut, he has made appearances in a number of dramas, including “Misty” (2018) and “The Secret Life of My Secretary” (2019).

More Details:

  • Born – 22 September 1992
  • Age – 30 years
  • Height – 1.88 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 224K

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4. Rowoon


Rowoon is the stage name of South Korean singer, actor, and model Kim Seok-woo. He serves as the lead vocalist for the K-pop boy band SF9.

His roles in the television shows Extraordinary You, She Would Never Know, The King’s Affection, and Tomorrow have made him well-known as an actor.

More Details:

  • Born – 7 August 1996
  • Age – 26 years
  • Height – 1.89 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 4.7M

3. Yoon Kyun-sang

Yoon Kyun-sang one of the tallest Korean actors

Yoon Kyun-sang, The Tallest Korean actor, gained notoriety for his supporting parts in the television shows The Doctors, Pinocchio, and Six Flying Dragons.

The Rebel, Oh, the Mysterious, Clean with Passion for Now, and Class of Lies followed, with him playing the lead parts.

More Details:

  • Born – 31 March 1987
  • Age – 35 years
  • Height – 1.92 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 27K

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2. Lee Kwang-soo

Lee Kwang-soo

The most well-known accomplishment of The Tallest Korean actor, model, and performer Lee Kwang Soo is his participation in the variety show “Running Man” in the past.
He was released from the military in 2007 after serving his full term.

In 2007, Lee started his career in the entertainment industry as a model. In the 2008 sitcom “Here He Comes,” Lee made his acting debut.

In order to pursue his acting career, Lee, a former member of the disbanded boy band Sweet Sorrow, left the group in 2010.

Because he is surrounded by throngs of fans whenever “Running Man” episodes are recorded in various Asian nations like Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Vietnam, he has earned the moniker “Prince of Asia.”

Lee resigned “Running Man” after 11 years of participation, citing production challenges brought on by his damaged ankle from a vehicle accident in 2020.

More Details:

  • Born – 14 July 1985
  • Age – 37 years
  • Height – 1.93 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 4.8M

1. Lee Ki-woo

Lee Ki-woo

The Tallest Korean actor Lee Ki-woo is from South Korea. The Classic, Tale of Cinema, A Love to Kill, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Rain or Shine, and My Liberation Notes are among his best-known films.

More Details:

  • Born – 23 October 1981
  • Age – 40 years
  • Height – 1.93 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 288K


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