The Top 10 New Ullu Web Series in 2022 You Should Watch This

new ullu web series

If you are a fan of the Ullu web series and you are finding Ullu new web series in 2022 so here we are providing the list of the top 10 new Ullu web series.

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Here, we’ve compiled a list of every new web series made available on the Ullu app and website.

Here is a list of names for new ullu web series in 2021. You can obtain detailed information about new Ullu web series in this article.

The Top 10 New Ullu Web Series You Should Watch This

1. Walkman

walkman new ullu web series

This show centres on a woman who has strange thoughts and is fixated on a Walkman. In this rural setting narrative, the husband makes every effort to please his wife, but she has a strong fantasy of her own and becomes engaged with other guys in the neighbourhood.

A peek of the actress Ridhima Tiwari enjoying herself with a Walkman is also shown in this series.

More Details

  • Release Date – 30/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Natasha Rajeshwari
  • Platform – Ullu App

2. Tapan Part-2 Charmsukh

new ullu web series tapan part 2

One of the new ullu web series Tapan part 2 charmsukh and its storyline is When Riya discovers Vaibhav and Payal dating, her desire for him is left unfulfilled.

She creates a web of lies in an effort to catch his attention, forcing Vaibhav to work out a plan with her that will satisfy both of their needs simultaneously in a win-win scenario.

More Details

  • Release Date – 27/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Neha Gupta, Noor Malabika, Kajal Jha
  • Platform – Ullu App

3. Shahad Part 2

Shahad Part 2 ullu web series

Part 1 of the Shahad narrative finishes where Part 2 of the story begins. The main actress discusses the situation from Part 1 in the brief trailer.

We anticipate that the Shahad Part 2 plot will be more captivating and that Ullu app users will like watching all of the episodes.

More Details

  • Release Date – 23/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Priya Gamre
  • Platform – Ullu App

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4. Charmsukh Tapan

Charmsukh Tapan

Charmsukh Tapan is a new ullu web series and Tapan Charmsukh is incredibly fascinating. The brief trailer for the web series demonstrates how much Riya (Sali) loves her Jija but that Jija is uninterested in Riya.

When Payal (Neha Gupta) enters the narrative and begins to fall in love with Jija, the plot takes a surprising turn.

That is the central theme of the narrative. We anticipate that the tale will be more captivating and that viewers will adore watching this web series.

More Details

  • Release Date – 20/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Doona Munshi, Neha Gupta, Noor Malabika
  • Platform – Ullu App

5. Shahad


the New Ullu Web Series on the Ullu app The Shahad plot is quite captivating, and we anticipate that viewers will like this web series.

The relationship between Devar and Bhabhi is at the centre of the entire narrative. Devar is a student, yet he never stops thinking of his Bhabhi. Likewise, Bhabhi (Priya Gamre) adores her Devar.

There are some intriguing developments between the two. So, if you enjoy watching this web series, download the Ullu app and choose an appropriate subscription plan.

More Details

  • Release Date – 16/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Ashraf Saifee, Priya Gamre
  • Platform – Ullu App

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6. Samne wali Khidki Part 2

new ullu web series Samne wali Khidki Part 2

The web series’ narrative will pick up just where Samne Wali Khidki Part 1 left off. New Ullu Web Series brief trailer, all four of the main characters can be seen discussing relationships and cheating.

We can therefore conclude that this is a wholly dramatic production that is centred on romance and adultery.

More Details

  • Release Date – 13/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Ruks Khandagle, Karan Mehra, Ayushi Jaiswal
  • Platform – Ullu App

7. Siskiyaan Season 2

Siskiyaan Season 2

In season 2 part 2, the plot of Siskiyaan Season 2 Part 1 will be continued. In the brief trailer for the web series Sasur Ji, his bahu doesn’t want to fulfil his condition, but he has nothing to provide her.

Sasur Ji still wants to love her bahu. Sasur Ji desires to be in love with a second bahu, but she is aware that he is also in love with another bahu. The relationship between Sasur Ji and Bahu is at the centre of the entire narrative.

More Details

  • Release Date – 09/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Tarakesh Chauhan, Hiral Radadiya
  • Platform – Ullu App

8. Samne Wali Khidki

A couple of young boys and girls are important to the Ullu web series’ plot. A couple of young ladies and a couple of young males are mostly sought after by four characters in the online series Samne Wali Khidki’s brief trailer.

Everyone is discussing relationships, friendships, and cheating. These four characters are at the centre of the entire narrative.

On September 6, 2022, you must watch the story online on the Ullu app if you truly want to know it.

You must download the app from the Play Store and subscribe to an available plan if you haven’t already subscribed to the Ullu app.

More Details

  • Release Date – 06/09/2022
  • Lead Cast – Ruks Khandagle, Aayushi Jaiswal
  • Platform – Ullu App

9. Zaroorat Season 2

Zaroorat Season 2

New Ullu Web Series’ second season of Jaroorat centres on a housekeeper who is looking after a person with a physical disability.

The crippled person falls in love with the housemaid because of the maid’s sincere care for them. A conflict arises between the maid’s husband and the dishonest person’s brother.

You enjoy watching this web series because of its captivating storyline. Currently, Zaroorat 2 is a very fascinating online series.

If you enjoy watching this web series, you should download the Ullu app to access all of Zaroorat 2’s episodes as well as those of other Ullu web series.

More Details

  • Release Date – 30/08/2022
  • Lead Cast – Sharayna Jit Kaur
  • Platform – Ullu App

10. Matki Part 2

Matki Part 2 new Hindi web series

The plot of Matki Part 2 will pick up where Part 1 left off. The relationship between Priya Gamre (Bindu) and Bhanu Suryam (Mohan) is depicted in the web series’ brief trailer.

Because of Bindu’s actions, Mohan decides to leave her house. Bindu is unhappy because she is unaware that Mohan is leaving, though. Mohan resisted leaving Bindu’s house by Bindu.

More Details

  • Release Date – 26/8/2022
  • Lead Cast – Palak Singh, Ankita Bhattacharya, Bhanu Suryam
  • Platform – Ullu App


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