The Top 10 Most Beautiful & Tallest Thai Actress in 2022

top 10 beautiful and tallest thai actress

If you are finding the detail of the tallest Thai actress so you are in the right place here we are providing the list of the top 10 most beautiful and tallest Thai actresses in 2022.

Although the Thai film industry continues to be marginalised outside of Thailand, numerous women have still managed to achieve fame there.

Some of Thailand’s films have received international distribution, and the country is still establishing its imprint in SE Asian entertainment.

The Beautiful Thai actresses more than live up to the standard set by Thai movies and television, which is all about glitz and beauty. They are all beautiful and gifted.

But in this article, we are talking about Thai actress height we will know in this article, who is the tallest Thai actress.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful & Tallest Thai Actress

10. Khemanit Jamikorn

Khemanit Jamikorn one of the tallest thai actresses

Khemanit Jamikorn, better known by his stage name “Pancake,” was born in Bangkok on May 27, 1988. Tallest Thai actress, singer, and model Khemanit.

She won the 2004 Thai Supermodel Contest and went on to win China’s 2004 Model of the World competition.

More Details:

  • Born – 27 May 1988
  • Age – 34 years
  • Height – 1.75 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 2.8M

9. Davika Hoorne

Davika Hoorne thai actress

Thai actress and model Davika Hoorne, also known by her stage name Mai, made her acting debut in the 2010 television drama Ngao Kammathep, playing the series’ main character.

She became well-known thanks to the movie Suddenly Twenty and Heart Attack alongside Sunny Suwanmethanon.

More Details:

  • Born – 16 May 1992
  • Age – 30 years
  • Height – 1.75 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 17.1M

8. Karnklao Duaysianklao

Karnklao Duaysianklao tallest thai actress

Karnklao Duaysienklao, also known as Grace, is a model, singer, and actor. Grant and Grand Punwarot Duaysienklao are her two younger sisters.

She studied in the Faculty of Communication Arts at Rangsit University. Grace started working in the entertainment sector in 2000 and was crowned Miss Teen Thailand in 2004.

More Details:

  • Born – 10 December 1988
  • Age – 33 years
  • Height – 1.75 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 2.9M

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7. Maylada Susri

 Maylada Susri

Bow, also known as Maylada Susri, is a Thai model, singer, and actor. From 2010 to 2013, she sang in the girl group Kiss Me Five.

She received a contract with Channel 7 to work as one of their exclusive actresses till May 2020 after taking first place in the 2013 Thai Supermodel Contest. She entered into a formal contract with Channel 3 in June 2020.

More Details:

  • Born – 4 June 1996
  • Age – 26 years
  • Height – 1.76 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 2.7M

6. Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying

Aokbab, also known as Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, is a Thai model and actress best known for playing Lynn in the 2017 film Bad Genius.

She is the first Thai actress to receive the 2017 New York Asian Film Festival Screen International Rising Star Asia Award.

More Details:

  • Born – 2 February 1996
  • Age – 26 years
  • Height – 1.76 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 584K

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5. Namthip Jongrachatawiboon

Namthip Jongrachatawiboon tallest thai actress

Namthip Jongrachatawiboon, also known by her stage name Bee, is a Thai actress, singer, and model from the Exact region.

At 12, Namthip began her career in the entertainment sector in advertising. Araya Indra, one of Thailand’s well-known fashion stylists, gave her the introduction.

More Details:

  • Born – 23 November 1982
  • Age – 39 years
  • Height – 1.77 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 1.7M

4. Cindy Bishop

Cindy Bishop

Sirinya Winsiri, also known as Cynthia Carmen Burbridge-Bishop, is a Thai activist, model, and actress who has won several beauty pageants. She is most known for her work as Asia’s Next Top Model’s host and judge.

More Details:

  • Born – 30 December 1978
  • Age – 43 years
  • Height – 1.78 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 642K

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3. Metinee Kingpayom

Metinee Kingpayom

Metinee Washington Kingpayome, formerly Metinee Kingpayom Sharples, commonly known as Lukkade, is the Tallest Thai actress, model, television host, and Miss World 1992 and Miss World Asia & Oceania 1992 titleholder. She is also a former Miss Thailand.

More Details:

  • Born – 11 June 1972
  • Age – 50 years
  • Height – 1.78 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 609K

2. Watchara Sukchum

Watchara Sukchum one of the tallest thai actress

Actress and host Watchara Sukchum is from Thailand. She is well-known for hosting a number of GMMTV programmes, including Jen Jud God Jig, Hungry Sister, and Toey Tiew Thai: The Route.

She gained notoriety as an actress for her supporting parts in The Shipper, 3 Will Be Free, and Room Alone 401-410.

More Details:

  • Born – 30 October 1986
  • Age – 35 years
  • Height – 1.78 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 3.1M

1. Farung Yuthithum

tallest thai actress Farung Yuthithum

Farung Yuthithum, also known by the stage name Kwang, is a Thai actress, model, and former Miss Universe who also competed in other beauty pageants and finished in the Top 15.

More Details:

  • Born – 6 April 1987
  • Age – 35 years
  • Height – 1.84 Meter
  • Instagram Followers – 57.1K

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the tallest Thai Actress?

Farung Yuthithum is the tallest Thai Actress. Her height is 1.84 Meters, 184 cm so she is the tallest thai actress.


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